Homestead RV Center Services

Many RV manufacturers require you to perform regular RV maintenance in order to maintain component warranties. Always refer to your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for your specific make and model.

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Homestead RV Center offers the following services

  • Warranty Work
  • Insurance Rebuilds
  • Rubber Roof Replacement
  • Awning Replacement
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Floor Repairs
  • Axles and Brakes
  • Siding
  • Hitches
  • Windows
  • Appliances
  • Recalls
  • Wiring
  • Most Manufacturers

Recommended RV Maintenance Packages and Services

  • Lubricate entry steps, door locks and hinges
  • Lubricate all moving awning parts
  • Lubricate stab jacks and tongue jacks
  • Lubricate antenna shaft (if applicable)
  • Battery Connections: inspect and clean
  • Propane Cylinders: inspect for rust and damage
  • Propane Lines: inspect, pressure and leak test
  • Exterior Lights: inspect for proper operation
  • Roof and Seals: inspect

- Provide report card of our findings and any recommendations our technicians may have.

- Travel Trailers - $88.88
- Fifth Wheels - 98.88
- Motorized - $118.88

  • Flush Out Anti Freeze
  • Reset Valves/Water System To Summer Use Mode
  • Pressure Test Plumbing System
  • Inspect Roof Seals

Roof wash & Roof Conditioner/UV Protectant can be applied for additional charge

**Additional expenses may apply depending on appliances and extras in units**

  • Cycle All Major Systems
  • LP Drop Pressure Test
  • De-Winterize (If applicable)
  • Inspect Roof Seals
  • Pull One Wheel On Each Side To Inspect Brakes & Bearings
  • Check And Re-Calibrate Tire Pressure

*Roof wash & Roof Conditioner/UV Protectant can be applied for extra charge*

Wash and Scrub Exterior with RV Wash

  • Under 30 FT - $148.88
  • 31 - 35 FT - $188.88
  • OVER 35 Foot - $228.88

** Excessive Staining and Embedded Streaks not included.

Inspect Roof Seals, Wash and Scrub Roof Only with RV Wash, Rinse off RV Side Walls

  • Under 30 Feet - $128.88
  • 31 - 35 feet - $168.88
  • OVER 35 Feet - $208.88
  • * RV Wash and Roof Wash - Conditioner / UV Protectant can be applied for extra charge**

Inspect Roof Seals, Wash and Scrub Roof AND Exterior with RV Wash

  • Under 30 FT - $248.88
  • 31 - 35 FT - $298.88
  • OVER 35 Foot - $398.88

* RV Wash and Roof Wash - Conditioner /UV Protectant can be applied for extra charge**

  • Get a Maxx Air II Vent installed on your camper and stay worry free in case it starts to rain!
  • The Maxx Air II Vent allows you to keep your vent open rain or shine and will not let any of the outside weather in.
  • Hinges on one side so you can easily flip the lid up to clean, reseal or perform maintenance! No longer requires you to remove the entire lid.
  • Comes in White or Black
  • Check operating systems in all modes (LP, 110v and 12v)
  • Inspect, clean and Adjust Burner
  • Clean Pilot Orifice And Burner Tube
  • Inspect For Safe Ventilation
  • Inspect, Clean and Adjust Burner
  • Perform Maintenance On Thermostat, Blowers, Circuit Board, Exhaust, Heat Exchanger

  • Perform amperage draw test
  • Clean Air Filter
  • Inspect Air Flow Conditions
  • Inspect And Re-Torque Mounting Hardware
  • Check Temperature Output (When Weather Permits)
  • Inspect A/C Gasket

  • Clean And Lube Stabilizer Jacks
  • Clean And Lube Coupler
  • Roof Membrane And Seals Visual Inspection
  • Inspect Door/Compartment Seals
  • Lubricate Locks And Window Seals
  • Check All Light Seals And Functionality Of Lights
  • Inspect Slide Room Seals
  • Apply Slide Seal Conditioner To All Seals
  • Lubricate Slide Room Mechanism

If you are purchasing a pre-owned unit from a private seller, and would like it inspected professionally, we will provide this service.

    Within 30 Miles of Dealership: $368.88

    At Dealership: $318.88

  • Cycle All Major Systems
  • Check For Any Structural Damage (Water, or Otherwise)
  • We Will Perform an Inspection As If We Were Taking The Unit In On Trade
  • We will then provide you with a report card showing any issues we have found

Rubber Roof
  • Heng’s 1 Step Coat ** - $20 / linaer ft*
  • Dicor 2 Step Coat ** - $30 / linear ft*
Fiberglass Roof
  • Dicor 2 Step Coat ** - $30 / linear ft*
Aluminum Roof
  • Heng’s 1 Step Coat ** - $30 / linear ft

**Roof recoat will include one gallon for units up to 25 feet, and two gallons up to 40 feet. If more is needed , extra charges will incur.

* A discount will be applied to customers getting a reseal and recoat during the same visit.

  • Single Axle $188.88
  • Double Axle $332.88
  • Triple Axle $468.88
  • Remove Wheels
  • Pack Wheel Bearings and Replace Axle Seals
  • Inspect Bearings
  • Repack With Fresh Grease
  • Inspect Brake Linings/Hardware While Disassembled

*Grease seals included up to $10, bearings not included in price. Parts beyond this are additional cost.*

Non-Motorized - $128.88

Motorized - $168.88

  • Pressure test and winterize water system*
  • Drain water heater, water pump, outside shower, bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Run non-toxic RV antifreeze thru all water lines, fixtures, and drain traps - up to 2 gallons included
  • Set Valves for winter storage


  • ON ROOF: Visually inspect roof membrane, seals, sealant, thresholds and vent lids and assess any soft spots
  • ON SIDES: Check windows, seals, sealant, fixtures and openings.
  • INTERIOR: Inspect interior roof and wall panels for leak damage and soft spots.

* In-Line Water Filters, Ice Makers, Dish Washers, Washers/Dryers are extra. Terms apply.
*Prices listed are base prices and do not include any additional services/extras. Call Homestead RV Center for more details..

  • Clean Seals
  • Inspect and Re-Apply Sealant Where Necessary
    • Extra Charge For Excessively Dirty Roof or Excessive Sealant Requirements.

      *10% discount for roof reseal or recoat at time of winterization.